David Eleuterius

Front End Developer

Piper & Heath

San Diego's Piper & Heath Travel specializes in African safari experiences. This WordPress site houses a ton of content, utilizing custom post types and taxonomies to create relationships that help tie all the information together. While this is an older site, the care taken to build this solid foundation continues to provide a return on the investment made years ago. Please note I have not maintained or updated this site since its launch.

There were a lot of layout challenges, as this was before CSS grid or even flexbox was supported for the site's target audience ( country example, safari camp example, map integration ). That said, I was stil able to execute the designer's vision faithfully and deliver a site with the intended look and feel and functionality.

Some of the best work is in the heavily customized administration area, where content entry and updates are easy to make. I can provide more details on exactly how this was achieved if you'd like to know more.