David Eleuterius

Front End Developer


I worked at Southleft as a front end developer and WordPress specialist for just shy of three years. I was placed on a series of high profile and highly trafficed sites, but unfortunately I cannot name or show the projects as I am under an non-disclosure agreement. However, I can list them out in generic form, so here are some of those projects:

  • A billion dollar venture capital firm
  • A worldwide church organization pattern guide/system ( my commits are public )
  • A national outdoors magazine website with 3.4 million active readers
  • A national cycling news website
  • An art news publication & Shopify store

Here we utilized the Timber WordPress starter theme and the Twig templating language, both of which I still enjoy using for projects. I also did content auditing and modeling for WordPress in addition to producing the design into templates. Micro-animations and interactivity were developed as appropriate for each project as well.

And last, but not least, I also served as an internal company support specialist for WordPress to help solve blockers for other developers at Southleft.

I can always discuss this further with you if you'd like know more.