David Eleuterius

Front End Developer

Electricity Rates

ElectricityRates.com is a resource and marketplace for customers in deregulated states to find electricity plans from various providers and utilities.

I have been engaged for the past four years in my current role of Senior Web Developer at PowerTarget, which owns and managed this site. This is a well-established WordPress installation housing over 10 years of content. I also build React components for the integrated marketplace.

Over the past four years, I've helped achieve the following:

  • Improved Lightspeed scores / performance dramatically
  • Launched new marketplace with improved user flow
  • Introduced better editing experience for WordPress administration
  • Developed a new WP theme introducing extended functionality & cleaner structure / code
  • Engaged in an ongoing initiative of continuous incremental improvements

Data-based decisions are made as to how opportunities are identified, pursued, implemented and reviewed to determine successful outcomes. If you'd like to know more, let me know.