WordPress Development
Extending WordPress for over 12 years to create dynamic websites.

I’ve been using WordPress since it was a fork of B2

I love working with WordPress and have been using since it was forked from a script called B2, and then went on to power over 28.5% (at last count) of the websites on the internet. It has grown from a blogging tool into a fully fledged content management system that enables dynamic site capabilities right out of the box.

Embracing the Zen of WordPress

Over the years, I have acquired a thorough knowledge of how WordPress works, and how to develop effective and engaging user experiences with it. I write code following the WordPress API to extend its functionality, and achieve the goals of the projects. I have also developed a toolkit that helps me create and deploy custom functionality better and faster, while maintaining the quality my projects require. My experiences have shown me best practices for WordPress development and I follow them on every WordPress project. Learn more here about how I break down WordPress projects into its various components.

Customizing the Administration

I customize the administration area of WordPress which makes the website management much quicker and easier. My philosophy is to make the content atomic where possible, meaning I create special fields for managing smaller pieces of content. This allows for a separation of code and content, which helps prevent site maintainers from accidentally breaking the layout of their sites. Deploying carefully constructed and intuitive edit screen layouts and methods help promote regular site maintenance and increase user satisfaction. This is an often overlooked area of great importance that has a very large impact on the overall success and lasting value of a WordPress project.

Wiring Up A Dynamic Custom WordPress Theme

When building the front end of WordPress websites, I create a custom theme built from the foundation provided by my toolkit. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, I pull in the saved content and data into custom, purpose-built templates. This could be something as simple as a basic content page to something like profiles utilizing JavaScript and jQuery to dynamically retrieve and display content without a server refresh. I have a thorough understanding of the WordPress theme template hierarchy and structure for creating a strong and stable base for site content delivery.

I like to move it move it

Eventually at some point WordPress websites have to move from one environment, like development or staging, to another, like production. Or perhaps a web host change is needed. In any case, I have extensive experience in backing up and migrating WordPress installations from server to server. While there are automated processes that can handle this well now, I do have the ability and experience to manually move any WordPress site from one web environment to another seamlessly without issues.