NewSchools Venture Fund
A National Educational Venture Fund

NewSchools is a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Oakland, California, that raises charitable funds from donors and invests them to support education entrepreneurs. They have invested more than $250 million in 150 education ventures, supported nearly 450 new schools that serve over 171,000 students, and backed more than 40 ed tech companies that reach 60 million students.

Project Spotlight Details

Basic Overview — Summit Agenda

Here's a spotlight for a nice project component for this site — the Summit Agenda system. NewSchools Summit is an annual invitation-only gathering for education innovation thought leaders who bring important and diverse perspectives in PreK-12 education. I developed the agenda manager using custom post types and fields in conjunction with JavaScript interactivity on the front end.

Because this is a live site, I cannot guarantee this link will not change, as I am not responsible for their site maintenance. But if you'd like to see this on the live site, you can view the Summit 2017 Agenda here, for now. Should this link not work, please contact me to let me know.

Speaker Management

Speakers are set up as a separate post type in the system, and can be tied to sessions easily. Speakers have a name, photo, title, bio, and can also have social links and other links or files (as a link) assigned to them. The front end then displays all of this info when a speaker has been assigned to a session.

Featured Speakers

This section allows NewSchools to control the featured speakers for Summit. NewSchools can upload a photo, name, title and a short bio. Clicking on a speaker will reveal the bio. Again I will reiterate that I am not responsible for the management or maintenance of the site content in any way. If you are wondering why the previous item of speaker management wasn't used here, that was a later enhancement to the site, but NewSchools did not opt to backport that enhancement here.

Schedule Structure — Time Blocks

With Summit being a two-day event, sessions are grouped under day one and day two. Day one is simple, but day two gets very complex. The logical structure to create for editing was to have time blocks under days, and then sessions under time blocks. What you see in the edit screen are two different time blocks for day one, and the front end takes those fields and builds the schedule as you see it in the next screen.

Schedule Structure — Sessions

The edit screen first shows the time block that this session has been created under. Any number of sessions can be created under this time block. The session has a title, a summary, a room, optional more detailed info, a Vimeo video link, and the ability to assign speakers to this session. The available speakers are in the list on the left, and the assigned speakers are in the list on the right. The speakers can be dragged and dropped into the desired order. The front end screen shows how this content is displayed to site visitors.

Front End Schedule Accordion

The front end interface here incorporates a nested accordion-style format. While time blocks can be independently toggled open or closed at the top day level, sessions can be as well - as long as their parent time block is open. And under sessions, speakers can be toggled open or closed as well. Closing either the session, or time block, means that the icons must be reset as the expected behavior is having all children close with them.

I set up a simple system in JavaScript to handle this logic so that the interface behaves in a consistent and expected manner, and a combination of CSS and JavaScript was used to provide the animation for sliding and the rotating of the icons to show the open and closed state of items.

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