WordPress Project Components
Breaking down the particulars to understand the process.

August 15, 2017
posted 4 years ago


Initial Kickoff

  • understand / develop / review project goals and scope
  • project set up

Initial Design Process (if required)

  • home page and basic internal content page
  • additional specialized layouts depending on specific requirements
  • dedicated mobile design

Design Revision (if required)

  • making revision as requested

Design Production

  • HTML 5 / CSS 3 coding
  • Web production ready images
  • Web fonts integration
  • Responsive coding & testing
  • Formatting content / layout for individual pages where necessary

WordPress Setup

  • WordPress installation
  • Setup of Advanced Custom Fields & Gravity Forms and other project required plugins
  • Setup of functions.php within theme
  • Setup of content page structure & menus

WordPress Content & Functionality

  • Custom theme creation and application of produced design into WP templates
  • Content population for pages
  • Custom functionality
  • Customization of content management and front end display with custom post types and Advanced Custom Fields where needed

WordPress Testing & Revisions

  • Review site layout & content with CrossBrowserTesting.com to ensure appropriate content delivery across browsers / OS / devices
  • Review / QA / tweaks for site functionality

Project Migration to Production

  • Backup of all project files (filesystem and DB)
  • Updating DB for live project URL
  • Uploading project files to live production server / directory
  • Setting permissions as required
  • Uploading DB and updating wp-config.php for live DB credentials
  • Review live website to ensure successful migration & make any final tweaks as required