Front End Development
Forging the code that builds websites.

The Front End Is Part of the Equation.

The front end is the face to the world for your website, and ultimately, your organization as a whole. While you might have the slickest backend functionality around, if the front end falls short of complementing your carefully thought out and executed backend foundation, your effectiveness will be compromised, and your project’s full potential will not be realized.

The old saying still holds true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. With that in mind, I produce work that is high caliber, done right the first time, with proactive communication and clear documentation.

Front & Center

I produce clean, semantic code that is responsive, and I test my code in a wide range of devices and browsers to ensure cross browser and cross device quality and consistency.

I provide animated and interactive interfaces with JavaScript and jQuery, as well as dynamic data retrieval, interactions, and display.

Understanding and respecting the value of design, I take every measure possible to faithfully reproduce provided designs into coded web pages that preserve the designer’s intentions.

I consider performance to be an integral part of my work, so I follow best practices in optimizing images and code to increase site speed and responsiveness.

And finally, my work is always documented so that consistency can be maintained moving forward.